University in need of Interim Payroll Management Resources and SaaS System Implementation Leadership, finds the perfect solution at EA.

A large New England based University (4,000 employees) first utilized the services at EA for an Assessment of their payroll function.  One of the findings of the assessment, was the recommendation to migrate from an on-premise system solution for payroll, to a SaaS-based solution.  Simultaneously, a resource was needed to backfill a vacant Payroll Manager’s role.

Here’s that story:

The Challenge, in Summary:

  1. A critical resource gap in the payroll team to lead the system implementation and define processes existed.
  2. Interim leadership needed to stabilize the payroll function and lead critical short-term process improvements such as a pay frequency consolidation, outsourcing of tax filings and direct deposits.
  3. A major implementation of the SaaS-based Workday HCM / Payroll / TLM system is planned; client was lacking internal resources needed to ensure a successful deployment.

EA’s Work:

  1. Fill the role of Interim Payroll Leader to maintain existing payroll services to the University’s 4000 + employees.
  2. Consolidate 6 pay frequencies into 2.
  3. Migrate all services around Tax filings and deposits to an outsourcer.
  4. Train new staff including transitioning role to a newly recruited Payroll leader.
  5. Workday Implementation:
    • Ensure payroll function is stable and self-sufficient so that EA could be freed up to lead the Workday Implementation while the Payroll manager could continue to focus on ongoing operations.
    • Serve as payroll Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Payroll and TLM with key payroll associate to ensure transition of knowledge.
    • Provide needed structure in terms of methodologies, to the implementation team in the context of payroll and payroll related processes.  Lead all efforts including requirements gathering, solutioning, data migration, UAT testing and parallel testing, and operational readiness.
    • Ensure Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring is happening continuously with the new Payroll team so that post-implementation functional ‘ownership’ of the new system is firmly established.
    • Serve as the agent of change and improvement.  Challenge recommendations (surfaced by internal and external implementation team members) that are not aligned with established business objectives.
    • Served as customer advocate with implementation partner to ensure deliverables were met based on client needs


The Outcome:

  1. Payroll team fully acclimated into new role with a high degree of confidence in using the new system.
  2. Successful go-live of Workday.   Accurate paychecks at first production.  Two pay frequencies established.
  3. Streamlined and stable payroll function utilizing best practice audits and controls.
  4. Outsourced tax filing and deposits established an running smoothly.
  5. Availability of EA resource post go-live to answer questions and provide any occasional needed assistance.


Client Comments about Outcome:

“Executive Alliance, and in particular Nina Scott, were a critical business partner in the transformation of our payroll and human resources operations. Throughout our engagement with Executive Alliance, Nina actually became part of our internal team. Our needs and whatever was in the best interest of the University because Nina’s driving force.

Our transformation and successful go-live of Workday is credited to a great team working together to achieve our goals. A critical leader of that team was Nina Scott. Her drive, perseverance, commitment and attention to detail are second to none.

Executive Alliance will always be my first phone call for transformational partnership.”