Global Technology Company taps into EA to facilitate Process Improvement Workshops

Client Snapshot:

Industry: Internet Technology

Annual Revenue: $2 billion

5,000 Global Employees

The Challenge:

  • Rapid company growth in global locations.  Regional compliance, clear roles and standard processes fell behind other priorities of the business.
  • Questions around ownership, accountability, responsibility and governance impacted the various hand-off points in many HR and Finance processes involving employee information and transactions.


Our Approach:

Assemble key staff members in HR and Finance for a dedicated on-site set of meetings, facilitated by Executive Alliance, where the following intended outcomes were established:

  • Create new operational procedures for the most problematic and high volume process that can be implemented now including clear roles and responsibilities
  • Utilize an agreed upon set of Guiding Principles against which the points in the new process will be tested.
  • Capture future state design suggestions for long-term consideration
  • Develop a sustainable framework for future operation requirements that we can apply to other cross functional initiatives


The Results:

At the conclusion of the facilitated meetings, the client now had:

  • A Matrix of Roles and Responsibilities between involved functional areas. This was a detailed document going through each element of how gross pay is calculated, as well as, each element of how net pay is derived. This encompassed policy ownership, compliance and task responsibilities.
  • Refined definitions of the Roles ‘Accountable’ vs. ‘Responsible’ as stated in the RASCI matrix. This was derived using day-to-day examples which allowed the group to better understand, and agree to, new definitions.
  • Identified Risks, Gaps and possible Solutions. In order for a full adoption of the new roles, gaps and barriers to the desired state needed to be identified.
  • New documentation and process flow diagrams for the Process under review.

Executive Alliance presented to the C-level leadership of the functional areas who participated in these meetings, with results and recommendations for moving forward.