Information Technology

The information technology function has evolved from a back office role as “data processor” to an enabler of corporate strategy and competitive advantage.  This shift has presented Information Technology with an opportunity to play a much more visible and mission critical role in the enterprise.

Some of the key challenges faced by information technology management are:

  • Gaining credibility with internal customers and executive management by aligning the IT function with overall business goals and priorities and organizing for effective service delivery.
  • Increasing accountability by demonstrating that IT services provide value-for-cost and information technology investments provide a return on investment.
  • Providing leadership in making the right technology investments to minimize the firm’s total cost of ownership and enable the organization to exploit the opportunities created by emerging technologies.
  • Making the integration of internal and external technology service providers seamless to the organization.
  • Attracting, retaining and developing IT professionals that possess a solid mix of business and technology expertise and have excellent analytical and consulting skills.

Our consultants have extraordinary, broad-based experience in the field of information technology, spanning areas such as:

  • Call center management
  • Problem resolution management
  • Data center management
  • Service delivery management
  • Data warehouse design, development and management
  • Software development management
  • Enterprise software selection, implementation and management

Your organization will be positioned to more effectively implement your strategy and to successfully achieve your Information Technology goals. This will result in improved service levels and operational efficiencies in all areas of the Information Technology function.