Vendor Evaluation

Many clients start with a complicated mix of disparate HR & Payroll technologies combined with older processes.   When clients start to look at the Vendor landscape, they learn that it is always changing and therefore it is very difficult to keep up with vendor changes, their long-term viability and direction.   To make matters more challenging, the vendors will usually tend to get potential clients to focus on their product strengths and diminish or avoid a view to any weaknesses / gaps.

Our Approach to Vendor Evaluations

Executive Alliance is independent and has no strategic relationships with any solution provider. However, we have years of experience with all of the major software and service providers.  This affords us the ability to provide our clients unbiased advice and counsel, from product evaluation through contract negotiation.

Our consultants are well versed in systems, software, and business applications covering a wide range of vendors and technology platforms.  We work with each of the major vendors and understand their products and service capability, as well as their future direction.

Our Deliverables to the Client:

  • Identify strategic requirements and operational needs, identify HCM priorities and challenges and establish project boundaries and goals.  Assess all information and begin to formulate recommendations and options for you to consider, both in the short term and longer term.  (This is derived from the Strategic Planning phase).
  • Evaluation of vendors who satisfy a significant level of your high priority HCM business and technology systems requirements.
  • Collect pricing from each invited vendor and provide a comparison of a 5-year cost of ownership across all vendors.
  • Serve as the client liaison and filter all vendor inquiries to avoid the client being bombarded with questions and requests from anxious sales staff.
  • Facilitate the vendor demonstrations, including the preparation of vendor scripts, agenda and vendor scorecards.  This process will allow your selection team to consistently evaluate each vendor in order to make a sound decision on the best fit application and vendor.
  • Facilitate the selection team in determining the final one or two vendors to conduct further due diligence.  This is a critical step to confirm and finalize the decisions of the selection team.
  • Deliver an executive level presentation and report that will outline our findings, vendor selection approach and outcomes and roadmap with critical success factors.