Process Redesign

Executive Alliance will facilitate current HCM process reviews and suggest improvement opportunities and best practice approaches to your current processes. Realizing there may be potential for resistance to standardize or change a process model, we will establish process design guidelines and objectives to ensure that we achieve standardization, but also respect cultural and/or legislative requirements, where necessary.

Our Approach to Process Redesign

  • Conduct interviews to review and validate key HCM processes.  During these meetings, we will identify inefficiencies in the current process and determine opportunities for improvement, including, but not limited to reduce or elimination of manual effort, compliance and risk avoidance, technology redundancies and overall process efficiencies
  • Meet with key HCM functional leads and subject matter experts to discuss current process and document process overviews and problem areas driving unreasonable system requirements.
  • Prioritize processes based on their need for redesign and change (focusing on complex, problem processes first) and identify improvement opportunities that can be achieved immediately (without technology changes) and future improvements based on technology changes.
  • Recommend Best Practice processes for implementation and then assess the impact of change on users. Our key deliverables from this process are documented improvement opportunities, recommendations, and Visio maps of processes outlining high level current process flows and improvement areas and validated and prioritized systems requirements.