Crisis Management

In contrast to Executive Alliance’s HCM planning and risk management services, our crisis management services involve dealing with issues before, during, and after they have occurred. Whatever plans a company makes, however, the true crises are those that happen outside standard operating procedures.  For Executive Alliance, our crisis management services are a service within the broader context of our management consulting services. Our consultants have the skills and techniques required to identify, assess, and understand a payroll crisis situation, from the moment it first occurs through the fixing and finally standardizing the appropriate processes and procedures.

Coping With a Payroll Crisis

All Human Capital Management processes can occasionally go into crisis mode, but payroll is the most time sensitive and can result in the most acute pain. Payroll is a mission-critical activity; your organization has to ensure that there is no disruption. HCM crises can be created by inappropriate technology, people completing incorrect or fraudulent tasks or incomplete or inaccurate compliance processes and procedures. We help develop a company’s crisis plan by defining what is core to the payroll service delivery model, and consequently, what needs to be accurately processed, in a timely and compliant manner. We also insure that upstream and downstream processes are not affected by the crisis and that a proper payroll service delivery is provided.