Change Management

Our consultants are skilled in all aspects of business change management.  To ensure your success, Executive Alliance consultants can play a variety of key roles ranging from leading the change effort to developing communication materials.

Our Approach to Facilitate and Leverage a Positive Organizational Change

We will begin to lay the foundation for the Organizational Change by identifying key stakeholders and change champions who will help lead the change effort. We will discuss cultural concerns and identify and document proactive solutions to overcome these concerns.

Once the change management plan has been established, EA will play a key role in monitoring the effectiveness of the change and communication events to ensure the workforce moves along the change continuum toward adoption of the new solution.

Services we Provide

  • Assist in developing your strategic vision and mobilizing the organization
  • Develop a comprehensive change management plan that targets key stakeholders and addresses risks
  • Manage the change effort
  • Develop communication and training materials identified in the change management plan
  • Implement processes to monitor change progress and results
  • Develop and implement programs to ensure change is sustained