About Executive Alliance

Executive Alliance, founded in 1992, is an independent, privately-held, vendor neutral Human Capital Management (HCM) consulting firm headquartered in Marlboro, Massachusetts.  Our in-demand consultants are located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Florida.

We help our clients increase effectiveness, deliver services, control costs, comply with government regulations, and mitigate business risks across all areas of HR, Benefits and Payroll Management

These services optimize our clients’ HCM operations and support their key business objectives by:

  • Aligning HCM service delivery and operations with corporate objectives
  • Improving HCM business processes
  • Optimizing technology investment and environment

A Brief Company History:

EA has its origins from Data General (now part of EMC Corporation) where the founders met in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The founders were Donald Bateman, Joseph Rich and Kevin Mallett. The concept was to build a consulting organization offering the highest levels of expertise available to client companies in the disciplines of Executive Search, Compensation, Benefits and Human Resource/Payroll Information Systems.  Later, they added a practice providing Labor and Employment Law and Labor and Employee Relations consulting.

In order to provide a unique market differentiation they positioned themselves as a firm that offered integrated services across these disciplines. EA was officially launched March 30, 1992.  In the first year they had signed over 50 clients and grew rapidly adding hundreds more throughout the 90’s.

In the late 90’s as the marketplace changed EA went through a repositioning by discontinuing Executive Search and sold the Employment Labor Law practice to its principal Richard Gaucher.  It still operates today as Gaucher Associates, Inc.

In 2001 the compensation practice led by Joe Rich was sold to Clark Bardes, Inc. and now operates at Pearl Myer and Partners.

Since March of 2001 Executive Alliance has focused solely Human Resource/Payroll Information Systems (Human Capital Management Systems) however we also provide significant consulting services in other areas of Information Management.

Since 1992 Executive Alliance has provided consulting services globally to over 300 clients.

The Key to EA’s Preeminence and Growth:

Our success is in our in-depth functional and technical knowledge. EA’s focus is on human resource/payroll with a focus on people, process, and technology. This approach has helped the Company build a reputation for completing superior in-depth, fact-based consulting assignments by utilizing proprietary tools and industry-specific knowledge base.